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  • Purpose Statement
    1. Grace Hoops League exists to glorify God by using basketball to grow character, build relationships, and exercise our bodies
      1. After every game, a team captain or volunteer will be asked to lead both teams in prayer
      2. To be eligible for league play, each player must attend two worship services per month at the church of his choosing
  • Liability and Consent
    1. Before the first game, all players must sign a liability form and league rules agreement
  • Facility and Location
    1. Grace Community Church
      1. 1810 E Bradford Pike, Marion Indiana
  • Equipment
    1. Jerseys: Jerseys will be provided to the players at the start of the season
    2. Non-Jersey Penalty: Any player who does not have a jersey will be assessed a technical foul
  • Roster and Players
    1. All teams must submit a completed roster prior to the submission date
    2. Rosters shall have a minimum of seven (7) players
    3. Each player on your roster must be a male at least 18 years of age
    4. Teams must have at least four players on the court to play
    5. Any roster changes must be approved by League Directors
  • Team
    1. Each team shall designate one team captain
    2. The designated team captain (and only the team captain) shall be responsible for all interaction with the officials
      1. Captains may discuss rule interpretations but may not discuss judgement calls
      2. Captains and players are expected to be respectful toward officials
    3. If players or spectators behave in an inappropriate manner, the team responsible will receive a technical foul
  • Game Time
    1. Games will begin promptly at the scheduled start time
      1. If a team only has four players present at game time, they must play with four
      2. If a team does not have four players present at the scheduled game time, they will forfeit the game.
    2. Games will consist of two 20 minute halves
      1. 5-minute halftime
      2. 2 minutes between regulation and overtime
  • No time between overtime and sudden death
  1. The clock will be running except:
    1. The final two minutes of the second half (unless a team is ahead by 20 points or more)
    2. An injury occurs that requires stoppage of the game for longer than a normal stoppage (this is up to the official’s judgment)
  • A timeout is called
  1. If teams are tied at the end of regulation, a three-minute overtime period will be played
    1. Clock will stop in overtime play
  2. If teams are tied at the end of the first overtime, they shall play a sudden death (first point wins) overtime period
  3. Officials may correct a mistake by scorekeepers
  4. If a team requests a scoreboard correction, and no mistake is found, that team will be charged with a timeout
  • Putting the ball in play
    1. Jump balls will only be used to begin the game and to begin all overtime periods
    2. All other jump ball situations (including half time) will be determined by alternating possessions
  • Time
    1. Each team will be allowed one, one-minute timeout per half
    2. If overtime is played, each team shall be awarded one timeout per overtime period
  • Dunking
    1. Dunking is allowed in games, however, players may not hold onto the rim; Players holding onto the rim (even briefly) will be assessed a technical foul
    2. Dunking is allowed during warmups, but players are not allowed to hang on the rim
  • Fouls
    1. Any participant who is assessed five personal fouls will be removed from the game (fouled out)
    2. A technical foul is considered a personal foul
  • Free Throws
    1. Players may enter the lane once the ball leaves the shooter’s hand (on the release)
    2. Players will shoot a one and one at seven team fouls per half
    3. Players will shoot two free throws at ten team fouls per half
  • Technical Fouls
    1. Cursing is an automatic technical foul
    2. All technical fouls are two free throws plus the ball at mid-court
    3. Any player who receives two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for a minimum of one game
      1. This excludes technical fouls for a jersey
  • Player Conduct
    1. Grace Hoops League is a municipal recreation program which aims to create a welcoming environment for all players
    2. Any physical contact with an official will result in ejection from the league and notification of authorities
      1. Actions that occur on the premises are subject to an ejection from the league
    3. Grace Hoops League is a tobacco free campus
  • Fighting
    1. Any player who is found to be fighting will be ejected from the game and may be ejected from the league for the remainder of the season (including the tournament)
    2. The officials have the right to halt and discontinue any game if it is believed that allowing a game to continue may result in a fight or an out of control situation
  • Team Conduct
    1. Any team which consistently exhibits poor sportsmanship may be eliminated from the league and forfeit all fees
  • Schedule and Standings
    1. All standings and schedules will be posted on the Grace Hoops League website
  • Champions
    1. League champions will receive championship tee shirts
    2. Player of the week will be announced weekly on our website
    3. The league MVP will be awarded a Grace Hoops League MVP tee shirt
  • All payments are non-refundable
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